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I would have hoped the Twitter growth was converting. I literally just looked at your follower count and thought "hmmm" and then signed up to your newsletter.

Perhaps that's the funnel? But be more direct about it.

1. Tweets + Threads

2. Free Articles

3. Paid Articles + Member Only Plugins

4. Premium Plugins at a discount to Members?

Who is your audience? What is their pain points?

I mean I know of Carrd but how could I use it as a fiction author?

How could your plugins help me as a fiction author?

How could I save TIME (I have money being nearly 40) and grow my own side hustle using your products or your knowledge?

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Another otimization you can do is to create a separate page for each plugin, like: https://plugins.carrd.co/pricing-table. So you can better optmize it for SEO.

I see you already own carrdplugins.com. Why don't you use it as your main domain?

Other ideas that you can use to expend revenue on Carrd: Create a bunch of well designed and professional templates and sell those as well. So you can have templates and plugins for each tool (Carrd, Bubble, Flutterflow, Webflow, Notion, etc...)

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Hey Jason, nice update. One thing that I think you could do is to start doing more SEO research, not sure if you use a tool yet like ahrefs. But you can research what other kinds of plugins, scripts and problems people are searching related to Carrd, and add more plugins for that. You can also replicate the same logic for other tools and create a new site for Plugins for bubble, Plugins for webflow, Plugins for Notion, Plugins for flutterflow, etc... So in the end you will have a suite of websites.

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Jason - great read. Love hearing love journeys. What are you referring to when you say “paid” acquisition? I checked out your plugins, wonder if you could find any influencers in the “carrd” space that have a decent following and good engagement and get them to share your stuff.

Do you have any funnels set up for your free content?

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